Tacony Latin Flavor

Tacony Latin Flavor is a takeout restaurant located in Philadelphia. At the end of 2022, it was acquired by new owners. The new owners wanted to change the website and create a brand identity.


Previously, the website was hosted on Google Business Profile, a free website builder for business owners. Although it served its purpose, it needed to be updated. The new owners had a vision that the current site needed to uphold. Cutting printed brochures' costs after seeing them discarded after a few uses was one of the primary issues they wanted to reduce. Their outdated logo needed to be revamped for their social media and food delivery service platform. 

Tacony Latin Flavor old logo.
Tacony Latin Flavor old logo.


After having a clear understanding of the problem, I advised the following:

  • Create a brand identity that can be cohesive throughout the website, social media, and food delivery service platforms. 
  • Create an eco-system of adaptable logos, such as a primary, secondary, and submark. 
  • Create a website where people can find everything immediately.
  • Create a downloadable one-pager of the menu, which allows the customers to print without the complexity of a tri-brochure.
  • Add Google Analytics, allowing them to see how many people downloaded the file and website traffic.


  • Once they directed their regular customers to view the menu online, they noticed reduced usage of the physical menu brochures. 
  • From launching the website in February 2023 until August 2023, there have been 945 menu downloads and 1.1K visitors to their website. 
  • Walk-in customers are greeted with a visible QR code that leads them to the website to view and download the one-pager. 
  • When visiting the website, it shows all the essential information. 
  • The website features a video that shows the type of meals they serve, allowing new customers to see what the meals look like. 
  • Different logo versions, such as profile images and apparel, can be used for different scenarios.

Tacony Latin Flavor Primary Logo
Primary Logo
Tacony Latin Flavor Secondary Logo
Secondary Logo

Tacony Latin Flavor Submark Logo
Submark Logo

Tacony Latin Flavor Primary Color
Primary Color

Tacony Latin Flavor Supporting Colors
Supporting Colors
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