Serena Spa

Serene Spa is a high-end massage and spa facility located in an elite area in Central Florida. They have the nation's best equipment and experts, who are always featured in the leading magazines worldwide. 5-star facility with 5-star treatment are the accolades Serene Spa has received every year since 1999. While you wait to be spoiled and pampered, room service is provided with an open bar, and in case you want to catch up with a friend and send a quick e-mail, they provide WIFI service in every waiting area.

When creating the website, it was important to keep in mind to create a high-end, clean, calm, and peaceful site. The dark green provides a high-end feel, while the other colors support their goal of a calm feeling. Selecting images was one of the elements that showed how the work was clean and clear.

While building the site in Webflow, some of the issues I faced was making the site responsive for all devices. Adding some media queries allowed the site to be responsive on all screens. One of the most critical featured needs on the site was adding a content management system (CMS), which will allow the staff to add new employees and services to their page.

Serena Spa website mockup
Serena Spa website mockup
Just don’t take it from me.