HopeHeal is a therapist organization that provides services to individuals who are facing trauma and mental health while providing financial support for low-income.


  • They need to be better known in their area.
  • Building trust in the community.
  • Only a few people know about their financial assistance.
  • The site must be easy to understand and navigate for both desktop and mobile. 
  • Have a place for the therapist to write their content.


  • Create a responsive website that is easy to navigate for both desktop and mobile. 
  • Create a blog page that highlights the writer. Adding the blog to the site will increase SEO.
  • Highlight their financial assistance throughout the website. 
  • To build trust, I created a meet our therapist area, which includes a bio.
  • Organize content and maintain a simple, clean interface. 
  • Including the “contact us for support” throughout the site. This will allow people to find their contact information. 
Just don’t take it from me.